G.A. Mobile AB


    G.A. Mobile AB (G.A.), is a spin-off from Sony’s R&D, that has experience of: developing and evaluating mobile applications;  prototyping demos for the SmartEyeGlass; and developing UI components for the smartphones.


    G.A. takes a human-centered, design-based approach to develop and evaluate mobile applications and to prototype new innovative AR and VR concepts. 


Dr. Günter Alce is Co-Founder and CEO at G.A. Mobile AB. Additionally, he is a researcher and lecturer at the Lund University. His research is about how to use Augmented Reality (AR) as a user interface to discover and interact with the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Moreover, he has an advisory role and shares his expertise with different companies. Prior to his research, he was working as Senior Engineer at Sony Mobile.


Beyhan Alce, is Co-Founder of G.A. Mobile AB, prior that she has been working as a team leader at Bayram Brode in Turkey before moving to Sweden. Bayram Brode is a company designing and developing within the textile sector. Since she has a great interest in mobile technology, she started the bachelor engineering program for computer science in Malmö University but has taken a break from it, working with her company and is now doing consulting missions of evaluating mobile and web applications.